Composing and performing music for the stage

Fall 2020 - winter 2021

The aim of this course is to familiarize student composers and performers with the process of creating a musical work to accompany dance or musical theater, in collaboration with choreographers and playwrights. With the aim of understanding the role music plays within a work that brings together various art forms, students collaborate with professionals from the performing arts milieu. They experience the process of building a work in all its phases of creation. By developing their artistic sensibility, students explore their imagination while establishing interpersonal and professional communications.

The seminar is divided into two parts, one theoretical and the other practical. The theoretical component consists of several meetings with professionals from the world of the performing arts. The practical component, taught jointly by choreographer Sarah Bild and dramaturgy professors Diane Pavlovic and Andrea Romaldi, is divided into two parts: 1. exploration and improvisation classes with young choreographers and dramaturgs. 2. coaching classes with professors Ana Sokolovic and Sarah Bild, as well as guest artists. The objective of the practical component is the creation and presentation of multidisciplinary pieces for the stage.