Opera and XR Study Day - Centre Phi

Oct. 30, 2022

Phi Center

Renewing opera and its audiences in Quebec and Canada: the possibilities of mixed, virtual and augmented reality.

Consult the website: https://operaxr.labocinemedias.ca/en/home/

The aim of this study day is to bring together artistic and academic institutions working with the new technologies of mixed, virtual and augmented reality (XR)* to reflect on the future of opera as a genre. The research questions are as follows: 

What possibilities do virtual and augmented reality offer, both artistically and in terms of dissemination? How can we democratize the genre and update it for the 21st century?

The program will include presentations on various recent experiments with XR: a collaborative research-creation project between Université de Montréal's CRCOC, Opéra de Montréal, Normal studio and INEDI to create operas for virtual and augmented reality that can be viewed in the home, on a tablet or smartphone; the Orpheus VR project by re: Naissance Opera (Vancouver); a new AR project from the Loose Tea Music Theatre opera company (Toronto); and possibly interdisciplinary works from Wapikoni mobile's XR residency. We'll also be presenting interactive workshops for young audiences, developed in collaboration with Artenso and Cégep Saint-Laurent. 

This day will help build bridges between people interested in XR who are not familiar with opera, opera audiences who are not familiar with XR, creators in the artistic milieu and researchers examining the impact of new technologies on the performing arts.

*While virtual reality (VR) immerses you totally in a 3D virtual world, augmented reality (AR) is more an addition to the real, physical world around you. Mixed reality is a blend of the two, and places realistic 3D images in the real world, making them seem real.