Operatic Instances

Nov. 25, 2023

Maison de la culture de NDG

Concert-conference organized in partnership with the Vietnamese Cultural Center

Two creative teams from the OpéRA de poche project will present their co-creation process, focusing on the relationship between musical composition and the visual dimension of the work. This presentation will be illustrated by a live performance of excerpts from their operas, sharing the concrete stage of a work created for augmented reality. This event allows for the exploration of another aspect of the real/virtual relationship, through embodied singing as opposed to recorded singing. 

This concert will be presented as part of the Semaines culturelles vietnamiennes 2023, organized by the Vietnamese Cultural Center to showcase the creations of Vietnamese artists in Montreal – including novelist and librettist Caroline Vu – and their collaborations.


Team 1

Opera title : Downstream

Members :

Summary :

A girl who lost her biological mother in a tragic event is now living with an adoptive mother. The girl deals with her trauma and does not feel that she belongs in her new home, the adoptive mother is trying to get closer and eventually reveals that she too had experienced a similar trauma…

Downstream, the mother was carried away in the water... 

Downstream, trauma is passed from generation to generation... 

Downstream, love is passed from generation to generation...


Team 2

Opera title : Jusqu’au prochain printemps

Membres :

Résumé :

A couple, in search of catharsis, lay their psyches bare and reveal their most violent inner monologues by means of supernatural powers. This seemingly ordinary scene of married life is transformed into an exuberant baroque tragedy, exploring the darkest recesses of the human soul in a blend of the grotesque and the tender.