Phase 2

The aim of this second phase is to develop five fifteen-minute augmented and virtual reality operas, to be broadcast by the Opéra de Montréal in the spring of 2024. During this phase, most of the students who participated in Phase 1 will continue their work, developing their prototypes. These three teams will be joined by two new ones: the first developed in collaboration with the Vietnamese Cultural Centre, involving creators from Phase 1, new students and librettist Caroline Vu, and the second, the fruit of a partnership with Musique nomade and Wapikoni mobile, made up entirely of Aboriginal artists. The creation of an Aboriginal opera in virtual and augmented reality will open up the operatic genre to new voices, contributing to the democratization of the genre, central to the OpéRA de poche project and crucial to the transformation of opera for the 21st century.

This second phase will also enable us to develop a new methodology that addresses interdisciplinary co-creation, dialogue between creative teams and technological partners, as well as the technological pipeline and technological choices with regard to volumetric capture, sound recording and their integration into Unity. As a result, this phase of the project will create five media operas in augmented and virtual reality available for a wide audience to experience at home, with their phone or tablet, while also developing technological and theoretical reflections that will serve other creators interested in pursuing the work.